"...to the Best of My Ability"
​First Part: "We the Dead Presidents..."

After a rift opens between our reality and the After-Life, a cosmic powered Hitler is the first through with plans to conquer Earth. Thomas Jefferson and other nerdy dead presidents like John Quincy Adams and Richard Nixon, believe they are the only ones that can match a dead Hitler's power. However, the one that can unite the 38 dead leaders is living up the After-Life with the Rat Pack.

press release first part
Electorate's Files

"...to the Best of My Ability"
​Fourth Part: "POTUS POWER"
Dead Presidential power in action!

"...to the Best of My Ability"
​Third Part: "Hail to the Führer"
THE DEAD PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINS have teamed with the Dead Nazis! With Abe, FDR, Jackson, Grant, TR, Truman, Ike, JFK, and Reagan down and the remaining dead presidents divided on what they should do as the Earth is about to be turned into a Nazi paradise, George Washington is the one that can unite the team and save the planet, but he's enjoying the After-Life living it up with the Rat Pack. 

"...to the Best of My Ability"
​Second Part: "the A-Team"
With only 9 cosmic power rings, Abe and FDR lead a team to stop the Dead Nazis and just when they think they've saved the day Hitler has an "October surprise" for this A-team of dead presidents.